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The Benny Weinbeck Trio - LIVE at D'Amico Kitchen

a DVD, yes it's a MOVIE of us playing at the bottom of the beautiful glass staircase!

check this sample movie... enjoy.

DVD is available here

Soon available here via PayPal, just like the rest of the discs.

now available... GORDON JOHNSON
TRIOS No. Five

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Here's a review from Andrea Canter
at Jazz Police

Here's another from Edward F. Nesta
at Luxury Experience Magazine


"With his fourth CD featuring multiple piano trios, Minneapolis-based Gordon Johnson (brother of L.A. bass ace Jimmy) has become a scholar of the form, equally adept at anchoring, soloing, and group discourse. As hard-swinging host to the five piano-drum tandems here, Johnson steps forward to spin the unison melody of "Bouncing with Bud" and launch "Blues for C.J." with a deep rubato moan, remaining a cohesive force throughout." _Chris Jisi

"I received your promo disk today and my wife and I were stunned; I think it's probably the best jazz music we've heard this year..."
Gary Lowe, WSCA 106.1 FM, Portsmouth, NH

"Thanks so much for ... sending this great CD,
man what great tracks..."

_Joost van Steen, Jazz & Blues Tour Radioshow, the Netherlands

"GJ4 is a testament to what heart, soul, and passion mean
to music and musicians."
_Edward F. Nesta, Luxury Experience Magazine

to listen to samples or purchase, just click on the cover

featuring pianists; Bill Carrothers, Laura Caviani, Frank Kimbrough, Bryan Nichols & Tanner Taylor

with drummers; Phil Hey, David King, Steve Smith, Todd Strait & Matt Wilson

playing songs by Laura Caviani, Luiz Eça, Gordon Johnson, Bud Powell, Dewey Redman, Tanner Taylor & Alec Wilder

GJ4 CD Reviews, Interviews & Articles;

MPR; All Things Considered
click on "Listen to Feature Audio" - 5 minutes

MPR: The Jazz Connection
interview with Maryann Sullivan
click on link "Bassist Gordon Johnson" - 38 minutes!

Minnesota Public Radio + audio interview
(RealPlayer required for MPR audio features)

Luxury Experience Magazine


JazzInk CD Review

JazzInk GJ Interview


The Rake

GJ4 is now available for download at iTunes

TRIOS Version 3.0
released in 2005

Check out these featured
Pianists & Drummers

Giacomo Aula & Jay Epstein

Matthew Fries & Phil Hey

Jon Weber & Joe Pulice

Benny Weinbeck & Steve Gadd

just CLICK on the cover

Now Available for download at iTunes (iPod only) and PayPlay for all mp3 players!

Comments from Jazz Radio Land;

"Gordon Johnson's new CD,Trios Version 3.0 is a gem. Brimming with talent."
Bob Collins - The Jazz Cafe, WRHU 88.7 FM, Hempstead, NY

"Such clarity, depth, melody, control...
The production/engineering is
Gary Lowe - Jazz Director, WSCA 106.1 FM, Portsmouth, NH

"Congrats on the #1, our djs really like your album."
John Laird - Music Director, KSAU 90.1 FM, Nacogdoches, TX

"Got it last night....listened to it again and again. I love it!
... and yes, I'm going to have to buy the others!"
Peter Pitard - Lites Out Jazz, WCHG 107.1 FM,Hot Springs, VA

Interviews / Reviews;

_Stephen Latessa, All About Jazz

_Andrea Canter, Jazz Police

Comments from buyers;

_Dave Welsch, bassist & webmaster - "Hey Gordy...My copy of v3.0 arrived the other day... but I didn't get to listen to it until last night.... Fabulous. Damn...FABULOUS. I really wish I could get out there to hear you. Your CDs have become some of my favorite 'drive-to-the gig' CDs. Just great."

_Anne "Great CD, nice variety of music all in one package. I heard it first on The Jazz Image and loved it immediately. Good stuff! Definitely worth adding to your collection! Classic sound with flair. Every cut a winner!"

_Jane "I've been looking for some music like this! It's great! ... I highly recommend it."

Released in 2002;


pianists; Phil Aaron, Jimmy Hamilton, Donnie LaMarca,
Phil Markowitz and Kenny Werner,

drummers; Joe Bonadio, Jay Epstein, Phil Hey and Gordy Knudtson.

Get it NOW!

Click on the cover for more info, listen to some tracks and to order online.

Now Available for download at iTunes (iPod only) and PayPlay for all mp3 players!

See Chris Jisi's review in the September '03 issue of BASS PLAYER magazine.

The Original Trios CD released in 1996

This is where it all began
Pianists; John R. Burr, Bill Carrothers, Manfredo Fest, Biff Hannon, Chris
Lomheim, Bobby Peterson and Benny Weinbeck,
Drummers; Dave Anania, Jay Epstein, Peter Erskine,
Gordy Knudtson, Dave Mancini and Joe Pulice.
To listen to samples just Click on the cover

photo © 1996 Ben Saltzman

Now Available for download at iTunes (iPod only) and PayPlay for all mp3 players!

"I've heard bassist Gordy Johnson masterfully play so many styles of music, from jazz to jazz-rock fusion to rock to pop, but I always wondered which one he would call home. With this collection of piano trio performances, it sounds like this is where his soul has always resided."
Will Lee, bassist

Click here to see some Reviews.

All TRIOS CDs were recorded by Matthew Zimmerman at Wild Sound Studios in Minneapolis over a period of about twelve years. By recording in one location I am able to maintain a consistent sonic quality throughout every project utilizing the same piano, rooms and engineer. The ever-changing personalities provide the wide variety & different musical moods.

Other Recent Projects

About Tonalities, Inc. 

Tonalities, Inc. is a multi-field Music Service Corporation. The primary services I provide are exquisite performance on Jazz Bass Violin and Electric Bass Guitar. About 50% of the performance services are for live music situations such as Events, Concerts & Club Dates. The other 50% are in the field of recording sessions for CDs, TV & Radio Jingles and Film Scores.

I have also produced numerous CDs and Ad-Music recording projects. Please see the Résumé page for more details.

To hear me play in the Minneapolis - St Paul area please visit my calendar page.

To hire a group to play some swingin' music for your party or event go here.

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