Gordy Johnson 

Piano Tuner & Technician

Customer Testimonials

For over 6 years, Gordon Johnson took meticulous care of the three pianos at Crooners Supper Club. He not only provided weekly tunings, but he worked on voicing, regulation and overall maintenance. Gordy kept all of the artists that came through the club happy because they knew if they sat down at one of our pianos, it would sound and feel great. He is the best in the business. 

_Andrew Walesch

Former GM Crooners, Artistic Director of the MIM Music Theater, Phoenix, AZ

Gordy Johnson has been a skilled and reliable piano tuner/technician for many high visibility performance venues in the Twin Cities. Gordy’s experience as a performing musician compliment his excellence when tuning a piano. I miss him here in the Twin Cities. He has been my first call to service a piano in many circumstances over the years. I give Gordy the highest recommendation for servicing pianos at all levels.

_William Sadler
Home and Concert Piano Services
Lead Technician - University of Minnesota
Service Technician for Steinway Concert Artist Rental Pianos

Gordy has tuned and serviced my most important studio tool; my 1979 Yamaha C7D grand piano. In the 44 years I have owned this instrument, only 4 people have been allowed to service it. Whenever Gordy tunes the piano, he listens to it from the perspective of also being a world class, virtuosic bass player. His tunings are always so musical. There is a difference that other musicians hear and feel when they are playing with or on the piano. If Gordy tunes your piano, you also will hear the difference.

_Steven Wiese

Owner, Creation Audio Recording, Minneapolis

Gordy is a consummate professional, always on time and always very flexible when the studio needed last minute tunings. Gordy’s piano tunings are some of the most musical sounding tunings I’ve ever heard.

_Jason Orris

Owner, The Terrarium, Minneapolis